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Real Name Antonio "Tony" Diaz
Alias Yellow Lantern
Race Human
Birthplace Venice, Italy
Birthday Astrological Sign Leo August 16
Age 20

Male Male

Height 6'0"
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Designation Criminal (Formerly)
Previous Affiliation Sinestro Corps
Base of Operations Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Mentor Sinestro
Powers & Abilities
Powers Superhuman Capabilities (Mutation)
Weaknesses Blue Lantern Ring
Equipment Yellow Power Ring

Yellow Lantern Manticore, (real name Antonio Diaz), is a human Yellow Lantern and a former member of the Sinestro Corps.

Originally a member of his family's Crime Syndicate, Antonio grew up in a rough and crowded family. Constantly seeing his father and uncles bring home people who'd they'd take to the basement, and screams would later be heard through out the night. Eventually when Antonio became of age, he was introduced into the Crime Syndicate itself, becoming his uncles enforcer. As time passed, Antonio became one of the most effective of the enforcers, able to strike fear into others by the name of epithet, the Manticore, as he specialized in poisoning his targets.

The Sinestro Corps had eventually found him worthy of a Qwardian Power Ring, and he was sent a ring. After binding with the Power Ring, he was taken to Sinestro's Home Planet, where he soon became a favourite of Sinestro. After his training, he left the Corps out of his own violation, not wanting to be held down to one organization.

He returned to Earth and became a Criminal in the United States for a short while, and took upon the name of Manticore to hide his true identity. His current designation is still unknown.



Manticore's unique Yellow Lantern Suit.

Due to his allegiance and how he was favoured by Sinestro, and perhaps even because of his bond with his Yellow Power Ring, Manticore’s Lantern Suit is quite visibly distinct amongst others. Unlike the other skintight suits manifested by the Power Ring, Manticore’s is much beefier and larger, more like a suit of armour than a basic bodysuit. In the middle of this armour, there lays the insignia for the Sinestro Corps, coloured black and white.In addition to this, Manticore’s suit does not sport the classic simple eye mask all the LanternCorps possess. Instead, Manticore possesses a helmet of sorts, with white lines travelling over the primarily black helmet. Manticore also possesses large curved spikes stemming from the suit, from the lower legs and forearm regions. As suggested by the colour of the Power Ring itself, Manticore’s suit is primarily yellow.









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