Real Name Vizuri
Race Cheetah hybrid
Age 3 years old (22 Human Age)

Female female

Professional Status
Affiliation Justice League
Base of Operations Watch Tower
Relatives Katy Mei/Shadowclaw (Owner), Mother and siblings (Deceased)
Mentor Shadowclaw (Formerly)
Powers & Abilities
Powers Pyrokeniss
Production Details
Series Debut Rise Of The Shadows

Vizuri is Nightwolf's Best Friend and Companion also one the members of the Justice League

Appearance Edit

Vi has pure black fur with red fire marks on her legs,forehead and tail. she has a tuff which is backwards with green eyes and a black nose.

Early Life Edit

Vizuri was rescued by Katy when she was nearly a newborn cub,after her mother died from sickness and birth problems along with her siblings. She was experimented, mix with a panther, Lion DNA of each and gain a fire ability in the process. When Shadow burst into the lab, witness the experiment she had killed the cruel scientist (not Dr. Gero) and rescued the poor cub and took care and raised her as her own pet. She had trained Vizuri to control her fire abilities