Lady Falcon
Real Name Vanessa Nightingale
Alias Lady Falcon
Race Human
Birthplace Conch Coast, New Jersey
Birthday [[Image:Astrological Sign Expression error: Unexpected < operator..png|link=|17px]] February 7, 1997
Age 13-14 (2010)

19 (2016)


Female Female

Professional Status
Affiliation The Team
Previous Affiliation Falcon Man
Profession Superhero
Previous Profession Sidekick
Relatives Roger Nightingale/Falcon Man (father),

Jasmine Faye Nightingale/the Panthera (mother),Robert Faye (maternal grandfather),Cordelia Faye (maternal grandmother), Fern Nightingale (paternal grandmother), Dhalia Faye (maternal aunt), Brandon Nightingale/Phoenix (older brother), Bianca Nightingale/Cub Girl/Lynx (younger sister), & Alexander "Alex" Nightingale/Falcon Boy (younger brother)

Mentor Falcon Man
Powers & Abilities
Powers None
Equipment Falcon Jet Pack/Molecular Subspace Pack,

Collapsible Falcon Bo Staff, Falcon Shurikens, Falcon Grappling Hook Gun, Falcon Stinkbombs, & F.A.I.T.H. (Falcon Artificially Intelligent Technological Hardware) Falcon Moped

Production Details
Series Debut "Independence Day"
Voiced By Seychelle Suzanne Gabriel
Lady Falcon-0

Lady Falcon in Young Justice: Invasion.

Lady Falcon (real name Vanessa "V" Nightingale, born February 7, 1997) is the former protégé of Falcon Man, and one of the founding members of the Team. She is the daughter of Falcon Man and the Panthera, younger sister of the Pheonix, older sister of Lynx and Falcon Boy.

Personality Edit

According to her mother, just like her father, V's personality is "chocolate and vanilla". She's one of the most responsible and mature members of the Team, but can be childish and silly when it's necessary. She also has her mother's wit, intelligence, sarcastic attitude, cunning nature, and can be naturally good with children. Just like her mother, she's naturally good at flirting, usually using that skill to her advantage. According to Kid Flash, she is a technological genius, being able to build or fix any complicated machine or device (like when she fixes her equipment, or invents and builds brand new devices). She has a lot of superhero idols, like Wonder Woman, Captain Firestone, and even her own father, Falcon Man. She is also very into art and drawing, saying she wants to become a designer in the future. She also has a not-so-secret passion for music and singing. She is selfless when it comes to her superhero duties, and tries her best to ensure that everyone she saves is alive and well. Because of her childhood trauma (the disappearance her best friend when she was 7), she always feels the need to protect her loved ones, and is even willing to risk her life for them, fearing she would lose them. Also, because of her guilt of witnessing the death of Dick's parents and doing nothing to prevent the unfortunate event, she constantly feels the need to help him in any way she can (which was strongly shown in the episode, "Performance"). She has strong romantic feelings for him (which she constantly denied until they finally became a couple), and usually depends on him for emotional support. However, she also has kind of an arrogant and cocky side, shown by her constant bragging whenever she wins a fight or competition, and how she hates losing. She is also known to be extremely short-tempered, hot-headed, and prideful. She hates when guys call her "babe" (except Dick).

Physical Appearance Edit

As a 13-year-old, just like Dick, V was fairly short for her age, being his height. As a 19-year-old, she became quite taller, being only three inches shorter than Dick. She also wore She's an attractive girl with long wavy reddish brown hair, peach skin, aqua colored eyes, and a slender built figure.

Clothing Edit

As 13-year-old Lady Falcon, she wears a navy blue high neck crop tank top with a diamond-shaped cut-out on her cleavage & a red falcon silhouette underneath, magenta lipstick, a black leather vest, a black leather vest, dark grey leather shorts, light blue tights, black low-heeled leather boots, and long black net gloves. She also wore her hair loose. As 19-year-old Lady Falcon, she wears a black sports bra, a navy blue zip-up sports vest with a red silhouette on the front, and the same lipstick, shorts, tights, boots, and gloves. She also wore her hair in a side pony tail, tied with a blue hair tie. As a civilian she wears her hair in a side braid, a pink tank top, a yellow crop sweater, red rectangular glasses, white socks, sky blue sneakers, and dark blue jean shorts (at 13 years old), or her hair in a half up crown braid, a white off shoulder blouse, grey thin socks, brown cowgirl boots, magenta yoga pants, and black rectangular glasses (at 19 years old). In her civilian form, she her colorful friendship bead necklace that she got from Cadence Harmony when they were both 3 years old. During her first date with Dick, she wore a her hair in a messy side bun, a short blue lace dress, a brown leather belt, a golden chain necklace, and black two-inch heeled boots. In her earlier days as Lady Falcon (7-11), she is

All grown up

Lady Falcon in Young Justice: Invasion. #2

seen wearing a long-sleeved, long-legged navy blue jumpsuit with a red falcon-shaped silhouette on the front, black gloves, a dark grey utility belt, black combat boots, a dark gray cape split into two to make it look like wings, and a red headband.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Vanessa "V" Nightingale is the daughter of the superhero/music producer, Falcon Man (Roger Nightingale), and his wife, superhero/former super-villain/former archaeologist/magazine journalist, the Panthera (Jasmine Faye Nightingale). She was born on February 7, 1997, in the city of Conch Coast, New Jersey. When she was 3 years old, at daycare she noticed a girl her age is being bullied by a group of older boys, in or


der to defend her, she grabbed a bunch of stones, and slingshot them right at the boys, and pushed them into the mud, causing them to run away out of fear of her. The girl was extremely grateful, because it was the first time anybody in the daycare ever showed her kindness, so she called V her "superhero", and introduced herself as Cadence Harmony. Thus, their friendship began, marking it by making each other friendship necklaces. They where best friends/"partner-in-crime-during-pranks" for for 5 years, not letting anyone else become their friend, until Christmas Eve of 2004. That was the day when Falcon Man finally decided to train her as his protégé. After the exciting news were revealed, she ran to her friend's house to tell her (since they promised they will always tell each other everything), but when she got there, she found Cadence's house to be exploded and on fire. Cadence's parents were found lying dead, and their daughter is nowhere to be found. It was revealed by the police that the cause of the fire was the Joker, causing V to fall into deep depression and she started to fight villains alongside her father out of hatred. After a year, she was able to get over her depression with the help of her mother and leopard nanny Lucy, despite Cadence still being missing. They were able to convince her that she has to keep on living her life, for the sake of everyone around her, including her one-year-old little sister, Bianca. For the next period of time as Lady Falcon, she fought criminals out of sense of sympathy rather than hatred. She vowed that she would never let somebody else suffer the pain of losing loved ones like she did, or let someone be pushed around like Cadence was by those bullies. She decided that if she can't be there for Cadence anymore, at least she can be there for people that deserve to be defended, just like she did for Cadence the first time they met. On April 1st, 2006, V and her family went to Gotham City to see Haly's Circus. Once the act of the "Flying Graysons" began, she, along with her family and Bruce Wayne witnessed the trapeze "accident" that took away the lives of the acrobats. She wanted to go and save them, but her father said they can't, because there are too many people around. After she witnessed the incident, she looked up to see the traumatized son of John and Mary Grayson, and immediately felt guilty for not being able to do anything to save his family. Later, she was able to convince her parents to come to the funeral, where she finally was able to talk to the boy. She learned that his name Richard "Dick" Grayson. She comforted him by telling him that he'll get better eventually, because she also knows what it's like to lose someone dear to her (Cadence). Then, she gave him her umbrella, noticing that he didn't have one to protect him from the rain. When the funeral ended, she left, shouting to Dick that they will meet again. For next few days, she a "brainstorming session". She suspected that the death of the Graysons wasn't an accident, and figured that Batman himself is probably going to investigate, since the crime happened in Gotham City. Not wanting Dick to suffer like she did, with the permission of her father, unbeknownst to her mother, she was able to track down Batman and followed him around, as Lady Falcon. She stayed completely out of his sight, investigating clues of her own, like the lose rope in the circus, interrogating criminals who had history with Tony Zucco, and finding Zucco's knife, checking it for fingerprints. She decided to only show herself when it's finally time to help Batman restrain Zucco, and then show the evidence she found to the police along with Batman's evidence. When Batman got captured by Zucco, she was going to get help, he noticed her and caught her as well. Eventually, a new young superhero named Robin shows up, frees Lady Falcon and Batman, and they all restrain Zucco together. After he was turned in, Lady Falcon apologized that she couldn't do much to help (and that she tried to include herself into the investigation without letting Batman know). Batman tells her that she did good work, but he can't promise that he won't tell her mother about the whole thing. She then get's a call from her mother, telling her to come home immediately, and bids Batman and Robin goodbye, telling Robin they'll meet again soon. That September, she got accepted into Gotham Academy. On her first day, she gets harassed by a group of jocks. In response, she beat them up, knocking them out unconcious. She turns around to see Dick Grayson, who was watching the entire time. He greets her, calling her 'Fal'. And she retaliated by calling him 'Rob'. She asked him how he found out and he says it's because they look similar and fight in a similar fashion. In response, she tells him that she knew from the very start that Robin was him, because she couldn't think of anyone else who could become Batman's protege. They spent the entire school day together (because they had the same classes), and that became the start of a new friendship. She also later befriends Barbara Gordon and many other students at the academy. Later, at age 12, she went to Amazonian Heroine Summer Training Camp (which was led by Wonder Woman) during her summer vacation, where she met Krimson Rouge, Chameleon Girl, and Frostbyte, whom she befriends. According to Krimson, at one point at the camp, she challenged Wonder Woman to a one-on-one fight and lost.

Relationships Edit

Romance Edit

Lava Boy/Mako Kapuahi Edit

"I'm sorry that I could never love you the way you loved me."
— V, to Mako.

Ever since Mako Kapuahi and V first met, she became immediately... unimpressed, but he, however, immediately took a romantic interest in her, and started flirting with her constantly. Since she only saw him as a friend and a playboy back then, she rejected his advances, even though she knew that he wasn't the type to just give up. Eventually, at New Year's she gave him a kiss on cheek (hiding her sadness). Moments after that, he asked her out, ad she agreed. According to V herself, the reason she dated Mako is because she desperately wanted to get over Dick, so she agreed to go out with him out of "selfishness". She admitted that she did enjoy the time she spent with him, because their relationship started out as "relaxing and simple". Later however, Mako started way too overprotective of her, constantly telling her what he thinks is best for her, and becoming really jealous of all the attention she gave to Dick. She noticed how he changed, but she didn't think much of it at first, until their last date, where she noticed his attitude became aggressive whenever she mentioned Dick or something that he doesn't agree with. Then a the end of the date, he forcibly kissed her, and she immediately pulled away. She said that "it felt wrong,and it felt like [she] was kissing [her] brother". After a week of avoiding him, she broke up with him, not telling him the reason. The realtionship lasted for five months. He knew that treated her wrong, but he also knew that the damage was already done. He tried to get over her by going out with Frostbyte, which started out great, but just like with V, their relationship went also downhill. He and Byte both begrudgingly agreed that they needed to take a break, so the both of them can sort their feelings out. During the break, he figured out that he's still not over V. On her 19th birthday, he begs her for a second chance, and then tries to kiss her, claiming he's still in love with her. She stops him, saying that she can't because she loves Dick, and that'll it'll always be him. When she and Dick kiss at her surprise birthday party, he looks away in disappointment, saying that she was right. It'll always be Dick. After Zatanna tries to comfort him, and Frostbyte silently dumps him for Krimson Rouge, V notices his sad expression, and with the permission of Dick, she walks over to him, and asks him to come and talk to her privately. She explains why she broke up with him back then and why she dated him in the first place. Then she apologized to him for not being able to love him as much he loved her. In return, he apologizes to her for being a "crummy boyfriend" and for trying to force her into something she didn't want. They both agreed that they should just stay friends, and ever since, they've been on good terms. He also got over her, seeing as he started to date Zatanna.

Roxanne "Roxie" Arsyn Edit

"She was over-the-top crazy!"
— V, telling Dick the reason why she broke up with Roxie.

Six months after V broke up with Mako, Camille, Byte, and Krimson were able to convince her to go to a party to forget her guilt for one night. There she met Roxie, who noticed her sitting alone, looking sad. Roxie asked her to tell her why is she feeling so down, since "[she] [hates] to see a beautiful girl like [her] (V) cry". At first, V was hesitant to tell her, but eventually explained her hopeless crush on Dick, and her failed relationship with Mako. Roxie sympathized with her, telling about her own bad relationship experience with boys, saying that she eventually gave up on men, and has dated girls ever since. They talked more about their feelings, and the next thing they knew, they were kissing. Their relationship lasted for three months, until V broke up with her. According to V, the reason she broke up with her is because despite the emotional support Roxie tried to give her, she couldn't get over Dick. Another reason being, as V said, that she was "over the top" crazy. She turned out to to be a huge kleptomaniac (stealing watches, jewelery, wallets, and even cars) and an extreme man-hater (threatening and beating up any guy who would flirt with either of them), having V report her to the police after they broke it off. Ever since the break up, she didn't want anybody to know that that she dated Roxie, because she's a criminal. Roxie, however became bitter after the breakup, wanting nothing more than to get revenge on V for reporting her to the cops, and on Dick for "stealing her away". At some time after V ended her relationship with Vincent, he offered Roxie a chance for vengeance. She became the leader of his all-girl group of goons, the Black Skulls, and on Vincent's orders they attacked the Team's headquarters.There, she shows hints that she still has a soft spot for V, shown by her attempt to run over and help her when she was poisoned by Hyperdeath (only to be held back by one of the Black Skulls), and by the moment where she spared Lynx. When her and the two other remaining Black Skulls retreat, she stops for a moment to look back at Dick helping V up, with hint of jealousy in her eyes, before continuing to run. A month later, she reappears with two other Black Skulls, interrupting Dick's and V's date, by attacking the people in the restaurant. When V demands they leave the people alone this instant, Roxie says that it's nice to see her again after such a long time. Then she takes off her mask, revealing herself to Dick and V. Roxie makes fun of her by asking if Dick is her "new heartbreak story". Dick asks if V knows that girl, and V hesitates to answer, while Roxie replied with a smirk, "Boy, does she know me." Dick then figures out that the two used to date, and V denies it, saying that it "meant nothing" (much to Roxie's annoyance). V claimed that she was "just a little bi-curious". This ticks off Roxie, resulting in her yelling that she's "a little bi-furious", and trying to punch Dick in the face, only to be blocked by V. As the two fight, V demands her to tell why did she help Hyperdeath, and Roxie yelled that she "thought [her] and [V] had something special, but [she] left her for this man (Dick)", and now the both of them will pay. V pins her to the ground, telling that "[she's] insane, Vincent's a creep, and they both deserve each other". When V, Dick, Lynx, and Tim, restrained her and her two goons, and they took her to the police, before she enters the police cars, she says to V to "enjoy [her] fun while it lasts", and that "he (Dick) will break [her] heart, just like any other man". In response, V says that not all men are bad, and that "the only way to find out if he's good or bad is by giving him a chance." She also says to her that "it takes a long time dig in the sand to find the perfect jewel, doesn't matter if it's male or female". Roxie scoffed at her response, but started to consider her words in the car. They never saw each other again after that. She took V's advice and seemed to have moved on, as it was confirmed by her voice actress that later in life, she was released from prison and she started a three-way relationship with a guy named Jonathan, and a girl named Clarisse.

Nathaniel "Young Neil" Pilgrim Edit

"Let's just say, it was ... too awkward and unsatisfying."
— V, explaining to Dick her old relationship with Young Neil.

Two months after her break-up with Roxie, V started going out with one of her brother's band mates, Young Neil. According to her, the reason why she agreed to go out with him is because they got along well and were good friends, so she thought, "why not?" However, the relationship lasted only two weeks, because it was "too awkward and unsatisfying", so they both agreed to just stay friends.

Hyperdeath/Vincent "Prince Vince" Graves Edit

"You never wanted me until I left you!"
— V to Vincent.

Vincent and V met at one of his father's business parties, four months after her break up with Young Neil, and he immediately had her charmed. They quickly formed a relationship, starting out as "sweet and passionate". He gave praised her, complimented her, and bought her expensive gifts, but that only lasted for one month. He became more cold and distant towards, ignoring her when she was talking to him, pushing her away, and canceling a lot of their dates. After three months of loveless dating, she discovered that he cheated on her with two other girls, and left him, breaking up with him through a note. This ticks Vincent off, because "nobody dumps [him]". Even though he never truly cared for her (seen by his quote, "Women are like music. After you listen to the same song for a certain period, you eventually get tired of it."), he wanted to take his revenge on her for dumping him like that. He discovers that V is Lady Falcon, and that her other ex, Roxie, has a criminal record. After those two "amazing" discoveries, he bails Roxie out with his money. He offers Roxie a chance to take revenge on V, to which she agreed. Out of her, and many of her prison inmates, he forms his army, The Black Skulls. He also took on the villain name, Hyperdeath. He ordered them to capture Lynx, in order to lure V to his lair, but they failed, resulting in a huge fight between the two sides, so he decide to go to the headquarters himself. When he arrived, V tried to take him down, but he blocked her blow. She demanded for him to show himself, and in response, he took off his mask, revealing himself, horrifying her. She demands for him to tell why is he doing this, and he simply says "Nobody dumps Prince Vince", grabs her by the neck, and and plunged his poison-filled syringe into her shoulder (making her pass out), laughing manically. When he was officially restrained by Nightwing, before he was shoved into the police car, he asks V if she loves Nightwing in an emotionless voice. She coldly replies with, "Why would you even care? You never wanted me until I left you!" In the car, he lets a tear roll down his cheek, hinting that he's jealous of Nightwing for having something he never had, love. What happens to him later is unknown.

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Family Members Edit

Falcon Man/Roger Nightingale Edit

"Dad... no matter how old I'll grow, you'll always be my hero."
— V, to Roger.

Besides being V's mentor and partner, Roger is also a loving father to her. When she and the other proteges formed their team, he encouraged her to become her own person, but promised that he would be there if she needed him. V looks up to him as his student and daughter, saying that no matter how old she'll get, he'll always be her hero. She also seemed to be hesitant to fight him, when he was being mind-controlled. Aside from that, although it rarely happens, there are times in which V expects her father to comfort her, even though it's only when her mother is also there (like when she explains her heartbreak about Dick). Like any father, Roger is also protective over V, which is seen whenever her and Dick are together (the reason being, that he was afraid of him "breaking [his] little girl's heart"). However, despite them being close, V is never afraid argue with him. V can also be easily disgusted and embarrassed when he and her mother openly express their affections (ever since childhood).

Panthera/Jasmine "Jaz" Faye Nightingale Edit

"She knows me better than I know myself."
— V, about Jasmine.

Jaz is V's mother. V is closer to her mother than her father. Jaz usually takes V's side when there is an argument between V and Roger. V loves to have talks with her mother and knows that she can go to Jaz if she needs help with anything, like when V asked Jaz if she could have some makeup for Dick's birthday party, or when she asked for relationship advice after her breakup with Vincent. V also trusts her mother with all of her secrets, like her crush on Dick. V can also be easily disgusted and embarrassed when Roger and Jaz openly express their affections (ever since childhood).

Pheonix/Brandon Nightingale Edit

Lynx/Bianca Nightingale Edit

Falcon Boy/Alexande "Alex" Nightingale Edit

Lucy the Leopard Edit

Robert Faye Edit

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Dhalia Faye Edit

Fern Nightingale Edit

Background in other media Edit

  • In some of the other DC universe versions (like the new 52 version), rather than being the love interest of Dick Grayson, Lady Falcon was the love interest of Garfield Logan (Beast Boy).
  • Despite being different ages in different versions, Lady Falcon is always born on the same day (February 7th), but not in the same year.
  • Despite being in the original comics, Lady Falcon didn't make an official TV appearance, until the Teen Titans TV series, where she was part of the main cast. Batman: The Brave and the Bold was her second TV appearance, making Young Justice her third, and Justice League vs. Teen Titans her fourth. Also, despite being part of the main cast cast in the Teen Titans TV series, she never appeared in the Teens Titans Go! reboot (the reason being that her official creator refused to have her "ridiculed" like the others).