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Real Name S'aam'el M'onzz
Alias Samuel Mons
Big Green Man
Race Martian
Birthplace Mars
Birthday Astrological Sign Scorpio November 2
Age 60 years (chronologically);
20 years (human biological equivalent)

Male Male

Height 7'02"
Weight 273 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Anax
Profession Comic book store owner
Base of Operations Dallas
Relatives Unknown
Mentor Martian Manhunter
Powers & Abilities
Powers Camouflage
Density Shifting
Martian Vision
Super Speed
Super Strength
Weaknesses Heat
Equipment Bio-Ship

Typhon, known by his Martian name as S'aam'el M'onzz and by his adopted Earth name as Samuel Mons, is a Martian who had come to Earth from his homeworld Mars after his mother had perished. Serving as sidekick of Martian Manhunter some time after Miss Martian, Typhon would eventually have a falling out with his mentor over the ethics of heroism, and would become a standalone anti-hero within Dallas, Texas.



Typhon's human disguise, Samuel Mons.

In his natural appearance Typhon takes the form of a horrifying green, hunchbacked creature with maroon, muscle-like structure visible and a strange x-shaped marking on its chest. As he is a shape-shifter though, he rarely assumes this form. Like Martian Manhunter, Typhon, when in action, takes the form of a tall humanoid with green flesh. He sports no hair in this form, choosing to be bald instead. His facial structure is based off his former mentor's as well, having thick lips and heavy brows. Like Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian's natural eye color, Typhon sports blood red eyes. Typhon often wears a cape similar to that of Martian Manhunter's, but charcoal with red trim and two golden clips on it on it with black lines going through each. A black clip is also worn that rests on his solar plexus with a red circle and red lines on it. Two red straps wrap around his abdomen as well. He wears black pants with red trim and a loincloth-like piece hangs down from his waist.

In his human disguise, Typhon takes on the form of a tall white male. Typhon, or Samuel, as he has adopted in this form, sports brown hair that is styled in the front. His eyes become a deep brown color. In this form Typhon often morphs his flesh into clothes in the appearance of a white t-shirt and a worn, brown leather jacket with blue jeans. He wears a necklace, which he claims is a stylised head of a Martian deity.


Typhon displays a level of aggresiveness and brashness throughout his life, though with time he would mature enough to lose his brashness and hone his aggression to use it only against injustice. Through this, Typhon is known to be caring in nature, loving his people despite their dislike for the man at first, and towards his mother who accepted his warrior aptitude. Combining his warrior-mentality and sense of justice, it wouldn't be long until Typhon desired to fight against injustice and evil and put it down for good. With age, Typhon also learned respect, generally showing it to heroes and anti-heroes, his people, and even to some villains, though this is a rare occurence. Typhon also has strong belief in the Martian's religion, revering the deities with great honor.


Born in Mars, known as M'arzz to his people, Typhon, named S'aam'el M'onzz at birth, is said to be born from the union of a Red Martian male and a Green Martian woman, bearing the flesh of his mother and her last name. This was done to protect the identity of the Red Martian, who was royal and as such would be looked down upon for having a bastard child with lower caste Martian, at least from what was revealed to S'aam'el. Raised without a father, S'aam'ell would prove to be unruly, and showed an aggressive nature commonly associated with White Martians on the planet, causing him to be ignored by many of his own fellow green-skinned Martians. His mother disapproved of his ways and would show sadness over his actions, but would come to understand it was in his nature to be a warrior and show her son love nonetheless. As such, S'aam'el would try to reform himself slowly to gain his mother and his people's approval despite her acceptance. On the verge of a breakthrough though, a strange fire formed within his community, and it claimed the life of his mother and other Martians in the process, who's weakness to fire caused them to allow their durability to falter. Many of the Green Martians would come to blame S'aam'el for the fire due to his former aggressive nature, but would discover his innocence upon reading his mind. S'aam'el would deny these claims from the beginning, and declare it was an attack on his people by an outside force. S'aam'el declared he would discover the source of the fire no matter the cost, and begin reverting back to his aggressive ways over the course of his vengence, declaring his mother knew a warrior would be needed some day. S'aam'el would wander to the surface of his homeworld, and knowing of the great hero Martian Manhunter and his actions on Earth, S'aam'el called on his bio-ship and began his flight to the distant blue planet to seek potential answers.

Arriving to Earth, S'aam'el began his plight to discover the location of the reknowned Green Martian that even the royal Red Martians respected. Along his path, S'aam'el would read of the history of Earth and of many of its cultures. S'aam'el took a particular liking to the Ancient Greek culture, and would choose his hero name from their great monster, Typhon, father of all monsters who could battle the great gods of Olympus. Monstrous in his normal form and with powers that could potentionally allow him to battle the main members of the Justice League, these are reasons he took the name. Upon finding Martian Manhunter through use of heroic acts, the Manhunter would accept Typhon as his sidekick to train him and take him off his path of violence and vengeance.

Through training, Typhon's power began to grow rapidly, proving to be a powerful hero and just slightly weaker than Martian Manhunter despite their age gap, which Martian Manhunter openly admits is a strange anomaly. Typhon though would continue acting violently, killing villains they cam across for justice, so they could never again act in crime again. This would cause Martian Manhunter and Typhon to split apart, ending their hero and sidekick duo as Typhon go on to become what most consider an anti-hero serving in Dallas. Here, he would be called the "Big Green Man" due to his massive size and a joke on the typical little green man stereotype of aliens, though Typhon didn't let this name bother him. Serving as the city's guardian, the majority of criminals of Dallas steped down in fear of him in time, causing the crime rate to drop, save mostly supervillains.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like Martian Manhunter, Miss Martian and B'arzz O'oomm, as well as all other Martians, Typhon possesses many abilities and powers, making him known as a powerful ally and threat to heroes, villains and anti-heroes alike.

  • Physical abilities:
    • Camouflage: By changing his form to bend the light around him to blend into the background, Typhon can become nearly invisible. Only those with mastered senses or superhuman can percieve him in this state.
    • Density Shifting: Typhon can alter the density of his body to achieve different abilities. By lowering the density of his body, Typhon can become intangible, allowing him to phase through solid matter with ease. Typhon has also shown increasing the density of his body to strengthen and defend it greatly.
    • Enhanced Durability: Typhon's durability is greater than that of the averge human, being able to have bullets crush against his body with only minor pain for him. Though his natural durability is not on par with that of a Kryptonian, Typhon can shift the density of his body higher to achieve greater durability.
    • Shape-shifting: The most well-known power that Martians possess is their ability to shape-shift. With it, Typhon can form his human appearance and control is bio-suit to form into any kind of clothing at will, as well as his more humanized Martian form that is far less frightening to average civilians. Typhon can also use shape-shifting to take the appearance of other beings and take their identity for stealth missions, even taking their voice, as well as their memories with his telepathic powers. Typhon can further use the power to weaponize his body, such as forming spikes on his hand or transforming his fist into a mace or blade.
      • Enhanced Healing: With his shape-shifting, any wound he should recieve can easily be healed by merely forcing the damaged tissue to reform in single moment.
    • Super Speed: Typhon is far faster than the average human, being able to keep running speeds up to that of Superman, though his speed is dwarfed b speedsters like the Flash or Impulse.
    • Super Strength: Like all Martians, Typhon possesses great physical strength that is greater than the average human's. His strength is noted to be on par with Superboy's, if not greater, and as he trains and grows older, can match that of even Superman's some day. His strength also grows large if he uses his shape-shifting to make himself larger.
  • Mental abilities:
    • Telekinesis: By using the power of his own mind, Typhon is capable of lifting and moving solid objects, making his super strength seem almost unnecessary. Typhon has been shown to also be able to manipulate liquid substances with enough focus. Typhon can further form shields with his telekinetic abilities, create telekinetic blasts and form illusions.
      • Flight: By using his telekinesis on himself, Typhon is able to achieve flight. Typhon's flight speed is shown to be very high, keeping up with Superman in flight for a period of time.
    • Telepathy: The primary power of Martians is telepathy, which Typhon shows strongly. With it, he can mentally communicate with others to share thoughts and memories, read the minds of others to discover information, and even generate false memories ith strong enough focus or even remove memories. Typhon has shown the ability to also take control of the minds of thers in short bursts. Using this ability, he can also translate languages normally unknown to him outside of his Martian and English.
  • Other abilities
    • Martian Vision: The Martian version of super vision, with which Typhon gains the ability yo use telescopic vision to see long distances, microscopic vision to see in great detail as well as see what is normally too small to be seen normally by the naked eye, the ability to see in the dark and, ironically, a heat-based optic blast that unlike most heated attacks or substances does not harm him.


  • Heat: Heat has a great effect on Typhon, temperatures at the level of normal fire or greater can greatly cause him pain, and even mental stimulation of fire can cripple him. Strangely enough, his heat vision does not cause him pain despite its intense heat. This has led Typhon to believing the Martian weakness of fire is psychosomatic in nature and not a true weakness, leading to Typhon trying to train himself to conquer it.


  • Bio-Ship: Like Miss Martian and the Green Beetle, Typhon owns a techno-organic ship that he uses for long distance and spacial travel, as it seems to be faster than his own speed. When it is not in use, Typhon stores it under his comic book store that he owns under his human disguise, in a form that resembles a large egg. Typhon can give the ship mental commands, to which it will respond by transforming into a more jet-like form that can adjust its shape and size, as well as add rooms and seats for storing supplies, seating passengers, and other such needs. The ship, like Typhon, can camouflage itself to become nearly invisible. Typhon can also mentally command it to come to him as long as the ship is within range of his telepathic powers. Typhon tends to not ride it unless he is travelling through space, preferring to fly.
  • Bio-Suit: Typhon wears organic clothing that can shift shape like him into any sort of clothing style he may need from a suit to gym shorts for comfort to his anti-hero costume. Like him and his ship, the clothes can become invisible at will.


  • "I will serve justice to whoever acts against justice and whover attacked my home."
  • "I do what I must in order to maintain order. The death of scum so the good may prosper is a worthy sacrifice."


  • Typhon's name comes from Typhon, the Greek's most powerful monster and father of all monsters in their mythology, as well as the Olympian gods' greatest threat. This was chosen as Typhon's true form is monstrous, and also in reference to the great power of Typhon.
  • Typhon's adopted human surname, Mons, was chosen in reference to Olympus Mons, the largest known mountain ad volcano in the solar system located on Mars.
  • Typhon is based on a previous character idea for a Martian in many aspects except birth. The previous version of Typhon, as Martians are nearly extinct in the canon DC continuity, was actually a genetically engineered Martian by Project Cadmus formed by the DNA of Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian. He was created to fight Martian Manhunter in a light similar to Superboy, as Martian Manhunter is as powerful, if not more so, than Superman, being called the "most dangerous character in the DC Universe" by Geoff Johns. This was altered for this website as Martians are not in their nearly extinct state as they are in the canon comic book continuity.
  • The prior version of Typhon would go on to become a Burning Martian, the more powerful and war hungry forefathers to he Green and White Martians that were given a weakness to fire by the Gaurdians of the Universe, forcing them to evolve to survive. Should a Martian conquer their weakness of fire, they could revert back into this form, as shown by Martian Manhunter's transformation into Fernus. Typhon would take the name Pyre, and temporarily become entirely villainous, before conquering his Pyre persona and taking control of himself and the power of his Burning Martian state, being able to access it at will unlike Martian Manhunter. It is unknown if this version of Typhon will undergo this transformation as of yet.
  • Like Martian Manhunter, Typhon has a fondness for Chocos, a fictional, Oreo-like cookie in the DC Universe.
  • Typhon shares his birthday with his author and his author's main original character for the Naruto series, Yoshitsune.
  • Typhon's moniker of Big Green Man is a play on the stereotype of Little Green Men in which extraterrestrial life is often depicted as short, green-skinned humanoids. Typhon, on the other hand, is taller than the averge height of a man, about 5'6'' or 5'7'', and can easily make himself taller than even the tallest known man, who stood at about 8'11''.

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