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Template:Equipment Trick arrows are special arrows with several different styles and abilities and are the chosen ammunition of most Marksmen.


  • Bola arrow: arrows that release bolas.
  • EMP arrow: arrows that can override the feed of security cameras.
  • Explosive arrow: arrows that explode on impact.
  • Foam arrow: arrows that can release a high-density polyurethane foam to engulf and incapacitate its targets or create a softer landing.
  • Flash arrow: arrows that create a bright flash, blinding opponents.
  • Hacking arrows: arrows that, when shot next to security cameras, allow them to be hacked to transmit a looped recording.
  • Incendiary arrow: arrows that light aflame.
  • Knock-out gas arrow: an arrow that ejects knock-out gas.
  • Magnet arrow: an arrow that ejects powerful magnetic balls that attract metal objects.
  • Net arrow: arrows that can expand into a net.
  • Oil arrow: arrows that contain a sprinkler of oil, with microbeads with built in GPS trackers.
  • Pressure arrow: arrows that create a pressure wave to knock back opponents.
  • Punch arrow: weighted arrows that can "punch" an opponent.
  • Pyrotechnic arrow: arrows that explode into fireworks.
  • Rocket arrow: arrows that launch self-propelled rockets.
  • Smoke screen arrow: arrows that shoot out smoke.
  • Taser arrow: arrows that can electrocute and knock-out armored soldiers.
  • Tracer arrow: arrows that contain a tracer in the head.
  • Triple rocket arrow: arrows that launch three small, guided rockets capable of hitting separate targets.
  • Zip-line arrow: arrows that carry a zip-line.

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