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Temporal Cube
The time cube
Equipment Type  Energy Source
Travel Device Component
Users The Exiles

Temporal Cube is an item that can create a large enough wormhole by supplying already existing mini wormholes that pop up randomly due to the quantum foam effect with exotic matter and it can technically be used to trace and predict the location of a wormhole. However, the time cube is much more than just capable of detecting and enlarging a wormhole, when placed in a complicated device known as the, "T.O.A.S.T" (Temporal Observation and Spatial Travel), it can create a wormhole itself that can sustain itself for about three minutes before disappearing. It also acts as a secondary power source to the T.O.A.S.T itself. It is currently in the possession of Spectre and The Exiles.


The Temporal Cube was originally possessed by a now extinct alien race and somehow managed to come into possession of humans prior to the Cold War. However, no one was able to use it and lived to speak about it until it fell in possession of Howard Winters whose ancestors may have stolen it ages ago. Currently, it is used by Spectre and his team, to travel through time and gain the information about the future. It has also been used to travel to different points of time in order to fix various point of the time stream that may have been altered.


When put inside the T.O.A.S.T it can create an Einstein-Rosen Bridge by itself and can allow the user to travel both back and forward in time. The cube on its own can generate nigh-infinite amount of exotic matter, i.e, matter with negative energy density and/or negative pressure. Negative properties of exotic matter push the sides of a wormhole outward, making it large enough—and stable enough—for a person or a spaceship to fit through it (The T.O.A.S.T in this case).

The cube itself can be used to detect small wormholes so that it may enlarge them. The cube on its own can generate tremendous amount of energy which is highly destructive and unstable and thus it requires to be put in a stable form while inside the T.O.A.S.T. However, since entering a wormhole should technically kill a being, it can be assumed that those who come in contact with its energy are protected by the affects of the travel via some sort of field. Much of its capabilities remain unknown till date.


  • T.O.A.S.T is basically TARDIS except it can only travel back and forth in time. This is a nod to the fact that the author is a Doctor Who fan.