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Real Name Ben-El
Alias Benjamin Kent
Adamantine Warrior
Race Kryptonian mutant
Birthday Astrological Sign Scorpio November 2
Age 21 years

Male Male

Height 7'08"
Weight 273 lbs
Professional Status
Base of Operations Dallas
Mentor Superman
Powers & Abilities
Powers Flight
Heat Vision
Lightning Manipulation
Super Hearing
Super Speed
Super Strength
Super Vision
Weaknesses Kryptonite

Suprememan, also known by his name Ben-El, is a Kryptonian of years past. Born on the planet years before its destruction, years before even the birth of Superman, Suprememan showed signs that worried Kryptonian doctors, scientests and even politicians. Born with a strange gene, Kryptonians feared this mutant would possess powers, be a super-Kryptonian to which the people of Krypton living under a red sun have never seen due to their own, unrealized power potential. Wishing to eliminate the child, it was sentecned to be executed, but the father of the child took him into the Phantom Zone to save him. Years later, Suprememan would be let out, still as a baby due to the timelessness of the Phantom Zone, by Superman, who would raise the child. Suprememan would grow though to view killing some enemies as better for society, making many classify him as an anti-hero.


Suprememan's physical appearance resembles that of a very tall and muscular white male. Suprememan, unlike Superman and Superboy, possesses deep, splendid green eyes that some says shine like Kryptonite itself. Suprememan possesses black hair that he has partially spiked in the front and a beard along his jawline. On his costume, he bears the red and yellow "S" shield on his chest like Superman, the symbol of the House of El. His costume is blue on the chest and is red from the upper stomach down is a triangular division of the two colors. The forearms of his suit are also red with two yellow bands, with three matching bands on his lower legs. In his civilian attire, Suprememan wears a black hoodie that has red lining, a baseball tee that is gray with blue sleeves that has three buttons that he normally wears entirely unbuttoned, blue jeans, and black Converse shoes with black soles.


At his core, Suprememan is a kind young man grateful for others. This kindness is expressed towards his friends and family. Suprememan also greatly respects Superman. Suprememan, through his faults, will always go to bat for those he cares about and defend them in times of peril. Though kind, this attribute can often be overlooked due to his cockiness, stubbornness, ego and arrogance stemming from him covering up his pain and sadness at the loss of his family and homeworld. Some often call him a jerk, though they usually don't know about the kindness he has at heart. Suprememan is known to love fighting, often looking for a foe that can go toe-to-toe with due to his advanced powers. He is known to be rather aggressive while fighting, due to him not fearing most due to his incredible resilience. Through all of his quirks, Suprememan stands for justice, wanting goodness in the world, even if it means taking out a few villains permanently by killing them. Suprememan is also known to like all things he considers cute.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Flight: Suprememan possesses the ability to fly, though it is unknown if it is achieved through having the ability like Superman, or by telepathy like Martian Manhunter. Regardless, Suprememan is able to fly at extremely high speeds.
  • Heat Vision: Suprememan is able to blast beams of from his eyes. The heat of the beams can be controlled by Suprememan from using it to start a fire to heat rivaling that of the sun. Combined with his telescopic vision, Suprememan rarely misses his target.
  • Invulnerability: This power causes Suprememan's body to be extremely durable. This causes most external attacks on him to be useless, and more often than not hurts the attack if they did a physical attack. Very few can actually hurt him, and with his usage of Density Shifting ability he can make his invulnerability even better. This power often causes people to compare his body to titanium or steel.
  • Lightning Manipulation: Suprememan possesses the mutant power to generate and fire lightning of various degrees. From a simple shock to a massive blast of lightning to create booming thunder, Suprememan can make usage of it in combat an prefers it to heat vision.
  • Super Hearing: Using this power, Suprememan can hear sounds that normally can not be heard by the average human, and also hear whispering at full detail. Suprememan says he can hear everything within New York City at once and can screen it to hear what he wants.
  • Super Speed: Possessing incredible speed, Suprememan can run many times faster than that of the average human. With his speed, he is able to run faster than Superman with ease, but slower than the Flash. This puts him at speeds around Captain Marvel, though Suprememan believes he may be faster with training. This speed extends to his flight, and his flying speed is faster than his running speed.
  • Super Strength: Suprememan possesses strength around that of Superman's. This allows him to easily haul ships and airplanes. Suprememan can cause great fissures to form in the ground with his strikes. Suprememan can also preform extremely high jumps with his strength, though he has not shown this ability as much since developing the power of flight.
  • Super Vision: With this power, Suprememan can enhance his basic sense of sight to perform more tasks. Suprememan is known to possess for types of super vision in the forms of infrared vision, microscopic vision, telescopic vision and x-ray vision. With infrared vision, Suprememan can see the heat signatures of people, aliens, animals, and other objects. With microscopic vision, Suprememan can see things normally not viewable by the naked eye at full clarity. With telescpic vision, Suprememan can see incredibly long distances away and can also uses it like a scope to make his heat vision or lightning attacks hit with deadly accuracy. Finally, with x-ray vision, Suprememan can see through solid objects at will with this power. He uses it to see if people are trapped inside buildings or to see if a criminal may be cowering behind or in something in fear of his power. The main limitation of this power is he can not see through lead with it.
  • Telekinesis: By using the power of his own mind, Suprememan is capable of lifting and moving solid objects, making his super strength seem almost unnecessary. Suprememan has been shown to also be able to manipulate liquid substances with enough focus. Suprememan can further form shields with his telekinetic abilities, create telekinetic blasts and form illusions. This power is from his mutated Kryptonian DNA, powered by his solar energy like all of his other powers, but does not appear in other solar-powered Kryptonians.
  • Telepathy: With the power of telepathy, Suprememan can mentally communicate with others to share thoughts and memories, read the minds of others to discover information, and even generate false memories ith strong enough focus or even remove memories. Suprememan has shown the ability to also take control of the minds of thers in short bursts. Using this ability, he can also translate languages normally unknown to him.


  • Kryptonite: This is the major weakness of Suprememan and of any Kryptonian. Kryptonite is radiated pieces of Krypton, and the radiation will be absorbed into the Kryptonian body as if it were solar radiation and will kill them from prolonged exposure.


  • "I'm a chatty person, it's part of my charm."
  • "Fate only gets one so far, once you get there you must make the rest yourself."
  • "When you try to master something you will either succeed or fail, but in the attempt you will find your true value."
  • "What makes a monster and what makes a man?"
  • "Life is a grand mystery. No one holds its true meaning, you decide for yourself what it holds. More and more it confuses me and draws me forward, like a moth to the night sky's moon. It is amazing how lives can differ so greatly, even under similar situations. It shows the uniqueness of all life."


  • Suprememan shares his birthday and name with his author.
  • Suprememan is known to like cheeseburgers, steak, seafood and potatoes, and dislikes vegan and vegetarian dishes. Suprememan also likes sweets such as cheesecake, chocolate, Chocos, which are a fictional, oreo-like cookie in the DC continuity, ice cream and banana pudding. Suprememan tends to drink lemonade, sweet tea and soda, and dislikes alcohol.
  • Suprememan is known to like comic books and manga, liking such characters as Spider-Man, Thor, Nightcrawler and Naruto.
  • Suprememan likes video games, his favorite series being Pokémon with Blaziken being his favorite Pokémon.