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Real Name Shaniah Nixton
Race Human (Mixed Raced)
Birthplace Crimson City
Birthday Astrological Sign Taurus April 21
Age 16 (2012)

Female Female

Height 5'7
Weight 158 llbs
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation SANE Labs
Profession Hero
Powers & Abilities
Powers Teleportation
Weaknesses Not very strong
Equipment Sword
Production Details

Shaniah Nixton, otherwise known as Phase', is a Meta-Human from Crimson City. She is gifted with the power of Teleportation. She is young hero and is also the cousin of the renowned young hero, Discharge.


Shaniah is a very strong willed individual who has often been noted to be rather feisty. To add to her strong will, she is incredibly fierce and hates to loose. Also, she is extremely devious and sneaky. Each of these traits are very blatant, but her most defining trait is her greed. She dosen't share anything and wants everything that she shows interest in. As result in this greed, she has developed Kleptomania. Shaniah cant go a day without theft, no matter how small scale it is.


Shaniah has 'light' skin, due to her mix of races, and emerald green eyes. Her hair is long. With a brown colour and blue dip-dye. She is the most beautiful girl in the whole of her year

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powers Edit

  • Teleportation: The Alpha-Six serum from the explosion awoke Shaniah's Hidden Potential to Teleport. She now has the ability to Teleport to where ever she sets her eyes on. The teleportation happens instantaneously. Long distances require more stamina. She has also developed a combat style that revolves around her power. She attacks the target then teleports to his blind spot and repeats this so she can attack the target from all angles in rapid succession. She based it loosely on guerilla warfare.
    • Overdrive: Her overdive ability is the ultimate form of teleportation. It allows her to teleport to wherever she wants no matter where it be. For instance, it could be on the other side of the planet or another dimension. She has even demonstrated that this ability even allows her to teleport through time, which leads scientists and geneticists of S.A.G.E Labs to believe she has Space-Time Manipulation.


Equipment Edit

  • Goggles: Shaniah wears specialised goggles, created by S.A.G.E Labs, in order to help her in battle.
    • Telescopic Lenses: The goggles included telescopic lenses, these are useful as it increase her vision thus increasing the range of her teleportation
    • Night Vision Lenses: Night Vision is included to compensate for one of her weaknesses. This weakness is since her teleportation relies on sight it is useless in situations that impair her vision such as night times.
    • X-Ray Lenses: She uses these to see through solid objects so that she can teleport through them.