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The skies over Houston, Texas. The Blue sky stretched endlessly, clouds floated overhead, sunshine filled the Earth, the air thick with pollution. So was the life of the area. Overhead flew a man in a robotic suit, flying away from a being with green flesh. This man was Typhon, not truly a man, but a Martian. Typhon, having followed the man for sometime, finally has enough and flew forward at a faster rate, and punch through the armor of the leg, breaking off the limb and a thruster at once, sending the man spiralling as he screamed in agony. "This is what you get you monster, killing a family for what? Money? You disgust me and the people of this planet!" Typhon shouted as he blasted lasers from his eyes, blowing up the man's suit and the man all at once.

Magus stood on the top of a skyscraper, wearing his signature demonic armor Vanir. He peered off, looking out to the city he call home. "No lets finish taking out the trash" he calmly said as he looked down at his feet, a man struggled beneath it. "I told you not to cause trouble here, Sypher" Magus stated as he reached down and grabbed the man by his throat and held him over the edge of the building. The man began frantically grabbing onto him, Magus starred into the eyes of the man, before letting him go. The man began screaming as he fell toward the ground. Magus watched as the man fell, his focused shifted as he noticed an explosion in the distance. "It looks like someone else is taking out the trash" he silently stated as he focused in on the area "A Martian, first time I've seen one. Lets go pay a visit", Magus said as he took off flying toward the area.

Using his telepathy to stop depris from falling and harming citizens below, Typhon set it atop a building to simply be forgotten. As we was about to leave, he senses a new mind come within the range of his telepathy. Typhon turned to the direction of this incoming man, flying through the sky. "A mage of some sort, interesting." Typhon said as he turned. The Martian bowed in respect, as Martians respect the art of sorcery.

Quickly reaching the Martian, he stopped on a dime a few feet away from him. Noticing the debris on the building "it seems like you were dealing with some trash as well. I thank you for that" Magus stated as he looked at the Martian. Noticing the Martian had bowed, he slightly nodded his head "again, thanks for helping clean up the city" he stated once again. "I do have to say, this is the first time I have seen a Martian" he added.

"This is my first time meeting a mage on Earth. I've been here for some time, but your people seem to disgard the art. The patron deity of my specific community, B'azz'ileeuzz, is said to have been the god to tell my people the importance of magic. He is similar to your people's Zeus." Typhon said, thinking of the polytheistic religion of his homeworld. "This city, I believe it is Houston, does this place have belief in magic?"

"Most are unable to tell I am a mage, that is until I actually use my magic, even other mages. It is very interesting that you were able to with a glance" Magus stated as he began to analyze the Martian using his own abilities. "While it is not really practiced out in the open, this world has many covenants and families the wield magic" he stated. "However, this city does a some belief in magic it is mostly more occult and dark magic" he added.

"Interesting, I see." Typhon said to the magic user. "Whatever the case may be, I must return to my own city now. I spent to much time playing around with this fool." Typhon said as he began to fly off back towards Dallas. The Martian smirked at the thought of magic's existense on Earth and at the destruction of his foe. "Perhaps I can form an ally." Typhon thought as he landed in an alley and morphed into his human disguise and walked into his apartment to rest.

Magus watched as the Martian flew away in a flash "couldn't get that much of a read on him, guess I will wait until later" he thought to himself. "I have a felling that we will meet again" the stated as turned toward the opposite direction and begun to fly away. "Guess I should head back home. Looks like I have a busy schedule tomorrow" he stated as he looked at the HUD in his helmet. His body began to vanish as he traveled though the sky, becoming invisible within mere moments.

Minutes later he reappeared in his office at his company Midgard, built by his parents. The company had became one of the worlds leading companies in the fields of Cybernetics and Genetics research development. The suit began to upon up, with him stepping out of it and it vanishing in mere moments. He set down at his desk and began working on his computer.

Awakening after sleep for a few hours, Typhon maintained his human disguise as he walked out the door. Walking into a small shop on the outskirts of the city, known as Outer Worlds Comics, Typhon begin openning shop as the owner of the establishment. Walking past a shelf of various Marvel comics, Typhon sat at the counter and turned on the computer he used for work. In this moment, he saw on the news section of his homepage, an article about Midgard.

Working for what seemed like hours, the door to his office opened. His assistant stepped into the office, "looks like you have been busy lately" she stated as she closed the behind her. Magus stood up from his desk and stretched, "You know I have to keep busy" he stated as he walked over to the large window in his office. "I can understand that, just don't do anything reckless" she said, laughing a bit. Magus smirked and turned around toward her "I'm going to be taking a trip in a bit" he stated. "Where would this trip be?" she asked. Magus walked over toward the door "it's not too far away, about an hours drive" he added as he walked out of the door, with her following behind him.

Waiting for some kind of action to pull him out of work due to a slow day, Typhon's day grew more interesting. Opening the door, one of hi few friends and allies walked into the room. "Hello Anax, how are you today?" The stoic deity looked at the Martian with his tired eyes. "Trying to learn what power I still possess. Power over water is something new. "I see." said the Martian as he looked at his computer, and a new article showed a powerful business man was coming to the area. "You have been on this planet longer than I Anax, what is this Midgard?" asked the Martian who had not bothered looking it up himself. "A business dealing in cybernetics and genetics is all I know."

"So, in the direction we are headed I am guessing our destination is Dallas" Amber stated as she set in the passenger seat of the car. "Just going for some sightseeing and checking up on some research" responded Magus as he drove the car. "You know we could have had someone drive us to the location" Amber added. Magus laughed "then we wouldn't be able to send this alone time together" he stated as they entered into the city of Dallas. Amber slightly smiled "anyways, we should head to our destination" she said as she looked at Magus. "Where is the fun in that, I think we should stop for some snacks" he said as he pulled into a little shopping center on the outskirts of the city.

As the car approached, Typhon shifted into his alien form. Sitting in his jet in its cloaked form, invisible to the naked eye, he watched the Midgard vehicle roll into town. "Why are you bothering with this Typhon?" Anax asked, generating lightning to play with in his hands to entertain himself. "He seemed familier Anax, and he is. I have connected to this mind before. This CEO is a mage." the alien said as he followed the cars.

"I will be back in a few" Amber stated as she stepped out of the car and walked into the store. Magus watched as she did, before turning his gaze to a nearby store "looks interesting" he stated as he stepped out of his car. stretching after the long drive, he looked around, within moments his gaze fixated on an area in the sky. He continued to stare at the single spot "what are you looking at" Amber questioned, breaking Magus's focus. "It seems like we have company" he slightly said as he entered the car, with Amber following suit. "Do you know who it is?" she questioned as they drove off. "Not yet, they are invisible for the most part. I can get a general location, though I can't see them" he stated. "I'm sure they will continue to follow us, until one of us make contact" he added as they drove down the highway.

Anax stood up in the ship. "Seems like your magic friend there may have spotted us." the deity said as he looked out the window towards the street. "I know he did, I can read his mind." Typhon said as he flew the ship into an ally and had it morphed into a car. "Since he knows, I guess you want to follow him to his next stop, and once he gets out you will follow?" Anax asked as a seatbelt wrapped around him, though his durability would cause more damage to the road and none to him. "Precisely."

Magus continued to drive down the highway, "I'm guessing they are still following us" questioned Amber as she looked out of the passenger side window. Noticing a car matching them movement for movement, "guess that answers my question" she added as her gaze returned to the front. "They are going to continue to follow us until we eventually meet" Magus stated as he pulled off the highway. Spotting a construction site in the distance, "we will meet them there" he added as he pulled into the lot of the site and into an unfinished building. Stopping the car, the two stepped out and waited for their guest.

The door opened on the bio-car, allowing Typhon and Anax to step put. Typhon stood starying at the mage as Anax, with his hood up, leaned against the door. "You.. you are the mage from Houston-" Typhon began to say as he was cut off. "Lex Young. Not really sure if you like the nickname, nor do I care. Head of Midgard. A pleasure to meet you, you already met my green friend here." Anax said as the sun shined brilliant light around him, the area seeming brighter than normal.

Magus and Amber watched as the two man got out of the car, Magus smirked as he noticed the same Martian from before stepping out of the car "I had a feeling we would meet again, though I didn't think it would be this soon" he thought to himself. His gaze turned to the car that the two stepped out of "that is an interesting vehicle, it is not a normal vehicle", he continued to think as his gaze returned to the two men. "It is Alexander Young" Amber responded to the man standing next to the Martian. Magus looked at the man, he could tell the man wasn't a human or an alien for that matter. Magus turned to the Martian "I thought we would meet again" he stated.

"Got it Lex." Anax said, showing disrespect to the man as he continued to lean on the vehicle. "By the way, it's the Martian's bio-ship. Martian techn is weird." said the deity as he pulled his hood up. "Never mind Anax, he has a strange dislike for your kind, I am unsure why. It is strange meeting you once again so soon, Alexander." Typhon said as he soon turned to the assistant of the man. "Hello, nice to meet you ma'am."

"Martian technology, very interesting Shaggy" Magus stated, responding to the man's statement about the car. "First a Martian, now some Martian tech" Magus thought to himself as he attempted to analyze the ship. "Seems like he has a god complex" Amber stated as she turned to the Martian, "It is nice to meet you as well" Amber said, responding to the Martain's kindness.

"I kind of am a god. It's what happens when your dad bangs a tranny. Zeus and Raet, ever hear of them?" questioned the god of two faiths as he opened the door of the vehicle and sat down. "What brings you to Dallas Magus? Not to sound rude, but I gaurd the city, with the god over there being an ally." the Martian said as he read the mage's mind and found his costumed alias.

Amber smirked at Anax's comment, choosing to ignore him instead of responding to this comment. "You know just visiting places, you know you have to get out of the office every once in a while or you will go crazy. Should I said comic book store, right Samuel?" Magus stated with a little laugh. "Telepathy can work both ways my friend" Magus thought to himself, knowing that the Martian was reading his mind. "You don't need to worry, we don't plan on causing any issues. That is unless people cause trouble with us" he added.

"S'aam'el. Samuel is just a false name I use to blend end with the people. Villains here tend to stay down. They fear my judgment of them and Anax's disdain for them." Typhom stated as he sat on the hood of his vehicle. "Seems we share the field of taking down 'trouble' though." the Martian said as he looked around, seeing people question the meeting of the business man and the Martian and god duo.

"S'aam'el....Samuel, same thing. Though I can understand the need to blend in. Less trouble that way" replied Magus as his gaze shifted back and forth of the Maritan and the car. "Yeah, sometime trash needs to be dealt with or it will began to stink up the town" he added, as his gazed returned to the Maritan. "It seems like we are drawing a crowd" he added as he noticed people watching the meeting of the two.

"It is not the same; do not mix facts mage. My culture and your culture are not the same thing. I take pride in my true name, your people jsut offer a similar sounding one." Typhon declared, with a level of annoyance. "Alright ladies, stop. Let's resume this conversation else where. Flocks of onlookers will feast on shared words and twist them." Anax said as he motioned for Typhon to return to the vehicle and follow the man.

"Perhaps" responded Magus. Noticing more people are gathering to witness their conversation, "Your friend my be right for a change, we should take this conversation to another place" he stated as he Amber walked over to the car and got it. Before entering into the car he turned to Typhon "do you have any place in mind?"

"There is a Greek restraunt around here, let's go there." Anax said, taking control of the situation, knowing that Typhon was insulted which would make him harder to work with. "Fine, let's go." the martian remarked as he returned to his ship.

"Well, lead the way then my friend" Magus replied as he stepped into his car, starting it as he waited for Typhon. Amber's gaze turned towards the Martian car "very interesting individual" she stated before looking toward Magus. "I got a call from the labs, Sol is ready to be moved into phase two" she stated. Magus smiled, "tell them to go again" he replied, causing Amber to take out her phone an send a message.

Typhon took the bio-ship to the restruant that Anax mentioned. "Sol... I wonder what that is." Typhon question as he stepped out and followed his Greek-Egyptian friend and waited for the mage. "Not sure, solar powered something I guess." Anax said with an emotionless voice.

Pulling up to the restaurant, both Magus amber stepped out of the car."Pretty nice place here" Magus stated as he looked around, eyeing the restaurant. "Don't get any bright ideas about this place" Amber stated as she moved hair out of her face.

Sitting down, Anax ordered a plate of gyros, with Typhon ordering nothing. "So Magus, what do you wish to speak of while we are here?" Typhon had asked, reassuming his human disguise as to avoid attention at some point in the bio-ship.

"I will have whatever you recommend" replied Amber to the waitress "I will have the same" Magus stated before turning to Typhon. "Well my friend, while we have the time. I would like to know more about your species, I have never been able to meet a Martian" he stated, making sure no one but the members of his table heard him.

"Martians are a fine species. We, like humans, live in communities, but we are much more connected than humans. We communicate nearly exclusively through telepathy. Our thoughts, emotions, dreams, fears and all the inbetween are connected. Single families are not the family. A Martian family is everyone in the community." praised Typhon about his highly advanced species. "We bicker far less than humans are your gods Anax."

"I see, that is very interesting. Being connected like that would be greatly useful. You are right about humans, they do bicker a lot, mostly over simple and stupid things. This more often then not, leads to the death of others. However besides the fallacies of the race, there are some good ones" Magus stated "I digress, what about your technology, I figure that car of yours is part of it? A race that has a collected mind in a sense, would have some advanced technology."

"Yes, my people have developed bio-technology. My clothes and ship both respond to my telepathic commands, taking whatever shape I command. From suits to hoodies, from fighter jets to ocean cruisers, they can do it all." the Martian said as he sat, and finally ordered a gyro like his friend.

"Bio-technology, now that is interesting. My company is doing something very similar" Magus stated, as he was genuinely interested. "I would love to study it sometime, of course, I would provide compensation for doing say" he added. Amber, knew her boss loved studying alien life and technology just as much as he loved to study magic.

"Perhaps it could be possible. Pulls the humans out of their primal ways and into a more Martian-like age." Typhon said as he bit into his food. "What is your angle mage?" questioned Anax as he looked Magus directly into the eyes.

"I wouldn't necessarily into a Martian-like age, but that is basically the point. The stated of the human race is deplorable" Magus stated as he took a bite of his food. "My "angle", is simple. It is to improve and increase the quality of human life that is all" replied Magus as he took another bit of his food, staring back directly in the Anax's eyes.

"Is it now truly? Plenty of "for the good of humanity" ends up being a lie, a cover up. What kind of genetics does your company do?" Anax said, still questioning the man. "What is Project Sol?" said the martian and god in unison.

"Still mind snooping I see, I guess you race doesn't have a thing called privacy. I will have to do something about that" Magus stated as he completely ignored Anax's first question, taking another bite of his food. "Sol, is a project my company has been developing. The goal is to find a way to efficiently collect and store solar energy in order to make it a viable energy" he added, taking a sip of his drink afterwards.

"Privacy on Mars is unneeded, and I'd like to see you try little man." Typhon said as his eyes shifted into their full blood red color momentarily. "Ignoring a god... poor decisions in the long run of things." Anax said as storm clouds gathered outside. Typhon began to calm down slowly. "Realize Magus, if you are lying, I can rack your entire mind for information. Your telepathy is child's play compared to the Martians."

"You may be a god to others, but you are not god to me" Magus stated in response to Anax's comment. The magical energy within him began to flare "don't no presume that I am some weak individual, Martian. You have no idea what I am capable of doing" he added as he looked into Typhon's eyes. "Now now gentleman, cooler heads should prevail. The last thing this place needs is a confrontation between superpowered individuals" Amber stated as she calmly took a bite of her food.

In that moment, lightning struck the ground outside and rain began to fall incredably hard. "This is why I hate humans Martian. Desrespectful little creatures who think if they claim a power my people have used for centuries, for millenia, that they are mighty." Pantheon said as the power in the building dimmed as if it were about to black out. "Speed? Hermes. Fire? Sekhmet and Hephaestus. Storms? Zeus and Set. Magic? Hecate and Isis. Your magic means nothing, your power is nothing." Anax growled as his eyes became the only light in the room, filled with electricity. Typhon stood and put his hand on his friends shoulder to try and calm him back down. The storm clouds becan to rotate in some areas, tornados wearing their heads to destory, but the storm began to subside, the rain lightning, and the clouds began to drift off.

"Impressive display, you're are quick to speak ill of humans, yet when the tables are turned you get mad and feel the need to show off your power. I guess you are a god in that right" Magus stated as he stood up, with Amber following him. Turning toward Typhon, "If you want to speak again, you know here to find me" he said as he pulled out his wallet and paid for the meals, leaving the building moments later.

"I have barely spoken until now human. I've let the green man do most of it." Anax said as the man left, slowly returning to his apathic demeaner. Typhon nodded. "We may have to visit him eventually. I am still curious about what he does." Typhon said to the god as he finished his meal.