Lava Boy
Real Name Mako Kapuahi
Race 1/4 God, 3/4 Human
Birthplace Honolulu, Hawaii
Birthday [[Image:Astrological Sign Expression error: Unexpected < operator..png|link=|17px]] November 15, 1996
Age 13-14 (2010)

19 (2016)


Male Male

Professional Status
Affiliation The Team
Previous Affiliation Captain Firestone
Profession Superhero
Previous Profession Sidekick
Relatives Hephaestus (grandfather),

Noelani Kapuahi (grandmother), Akamu Kapuahi/Captain Firestone (father), Leilani Kapuahi (mother), & Kawena Kapuahi (step-mother)

Mentor Captain Firestone
Powers & Abilities
Powers Lava Bending,

Superstrength (when holding his mallet), & Lava Morphing (being able to melt his body or parts of his body into lava)

Weaknesses Water, Ice, & Snow (only when in his superhero form)
Equipment The Fire Mallet
Production Details
Series Debut "The Boiling Point"
Voiced By William Alan "Will" Friedle

Lava Boy (real name Mako Kapuahi, born February 7, 1997) is the former protégé of Captain Firestone, and one of the founding members of the Team. He is the son of Captain Firestone and Dr. Leilani Kapuahi, step-son of Dr. Kawena Luau Kapuahi, and Zatanna's current boyfriend.