Hell Cat/Black Raptor
Alias Raptor, Cat, Spirit, Demon, Red Eyes
Race Demonic Entity (First Form) Lizard/Dragon Hybrid (2nd Form)
Birthplace Spirit/Demon Realm
Age 17 (in Rise Of Shadowclaw)

Age (2010) 32

Age (2016) 36

(Both In Young Justice)


Female Female

Height 6"3
Weight Light Weight
Professional Status
Designation 24 (Same as Katy)
Affiliation Justice League
Previous Affiliation Trinkler's slave (Temporary/Formerly)
Base of Operations Watchtower
Relatives Shadowclaw (Soul Bond/Partner), Bladerunner (Adopted Son)
Powers & Abilities
Powers Demonic


Retractable Claws

Shadow attack

Superhuman Agility

Superhuman Durability

Weaknesses Separation Of A Host To Long
Equipment Claws, Fangs and Tail
Production Details
Series Debut Rise Of Shadowclaw

Hell Cat or Black Raptor is Katy's Demon soul Counterpart, and partner and also part of a Shadow Element.

Appearance Edit

Hell Cat was as demonic dark Spirit entity before being captured and turned into a Lizard/Dragon hybrid with dark eyes with red pupils with a end of sharp metal tail.

Personality Edit

She can be mature and Sassy.Never give up to solve a problem. Loving for who she cares about. Also aggressive in a fight.

Before meeting and being boned with Katy, She can be ruthless, Cocky and cunning in her own way and she preferred to be a loner and to be a strong fighter.

Origin and Backstory Edit

Hell cat/Black Raptor was born as demonic entity living in spirit world, she had grew up to be evil like the rest of evil spirits. One Night She escaped the realm by using her powers to open the portal to the mortal realm. Then she was attacked and got caught by The Trinkler and was tested and studied. By the next day she had met Shadowcalw one night when she being tested if she can kill her, Shadow tried to reason with her saying that she dosent have to follow their orders but Hell Cat didn't listen and continued to fight her.

Once Katy defeated her Hell Cat gave her to chance to kill her but Katy refused to do it, and she had told her that she don't kill anyone whos the victim of them and they can manipulate anyone and Shadow had released her form the Trinkler's grasped and when she started to leave to find the evil scientist, Hell Cat stopped her and asked can she come with her which Katy accepted to find him.

After the Battle Hell Cat was badly injured and was on the verge of dying and she remembered that she need a soul to bond with if she doesn't find one she'll die, and with that Katy had excepted that she'll bond with her to save her life. To this day Katy and Hell Cat now bonded and had worked together and they shared a soul.