Green Sage (real name Nichole Ray) The former protégé of Green Lantern. Green Sage was a founding member of the Team. The Love Interest and Fiance of Nightwing.

Real Name Nichole Ray
Alias Shade
Race Human
Birthplace Cost City
Age Age (2010) 13/14

Age (2016) 19


Female Female

Height 5'9
Weight 130
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Designation 16
Affiliation Team
Relatives Unnamed Parents (Deceased), Hal Jordan (Adopted Father), Dick Grayson (Boyfriend)
Mentor Green Lantern
Powers & Abilities
Powers Power Ring
Equipment Claws
Production Details

Appearance Edit

Nichole is an African American teen with brown (right) and light blue (left) eyes with medium short black hair. She has a slender body frame,she also has great Speed and agility. She wears a dark green domino mask to hide her identity and a green and black costume like all Green Lanterns.

Personality Edit

She's Kind, beautiful, Caring and Strong. she was referred to as an "Wise Girl". She has grown a more feminine personality, However, in the later series, she has the personality of a Out-going, Adventurous but shes still keeps her calmer side. Nikki has a compassionate heart and wont hesitate to step up whats right, never gives up, She isn't afraid to die for her friends or her adventures during their adventures.

Early Life Edit

Nichole didn't known much of her past nor where she was really form or the name of her parents,since she was raised in a orphanage.