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Real Name Robert McCarthy
Race Human (Caucasian)
Birthplace New York
Birthday Astrological Sign Gemini June 9
Age 22 (2015)

Male Male

Height 5'10"
Weight 170 lbs
Blood Type O+
Professional Status
Designation Second in Command
Affiliation Ghostbusters
Previous Affiliation Self
Profession Supervillain
Previous Profession Thief
Base of Operations New York
Relatives Ronald McCarthy (Brother)
Mentor None
Powers & Abilities
Powers Age Control
Weaknesses Normal Human Weakness
Tactile Ability/Range
Unable to Affect Immortals
Equipment Hourglass
Production Details
Voiced By Will Friedle

Robert McCarthy better known as the super villain, Envilecer is the life time rival and later enemy of Spectre. Envilecer is a powerful metahuman who has the ability to alter and control one's age simply touching them.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Age Control: By touching himself or others, The Envilecer can accelerate or reverse age of both living and non living objects or organisms. This ability allows him to turn is victims either into infants or old men and women, thus making him a dangerous metahuman.
    • Youth Transferal: The Envilecer can transfer some of his youth to other's in need. However, if he transfers too much, he may end up becoming too old or dying.
    • Age/Youth Stealing: This ability essentially balances the Envilecer's ability to transfer his youth. Envilecer can absorb the youth of other's just by touching them. Rapidly draining them of their youth in the process.
    • Senescence: Envilecer can rapidly accelerate the age of one he touches, with the size of that being or object the time required varies. Once he touches his targets, even after the removal of his touch, they will continue age, although at a slightly slower pace. Envilecer says, because every living being is subjected to aging, this power essentially allows him to kill everyone with a single touch.
      • Rotting Touch: By using his senescence ability in a more violent manner, Envilecer can cause anything organic to wither, rot, decay and disintegrate with his touch.


  • Expert Thief: Robert has basic stealth, lock picking, escape artistry and pick pocketing skills.
  • Escape Artistry: Envilecer in her early career was an escape artist who would use his skills to earn his living. After becoming a thief, he continued to use his skills to break into places, wriggle out of any binds, break through any fetters, or otherwise escape captivity with ease.


  • Tactile Ability:
  • Does not affect those with Immortality:


  • Envilecer is Spanish for "debase" which means, "to reduce in quality" or "degrade". This is a nod to his rotting touch ability.