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Earth 82 fate
Noteworthy Countries VANGUARD
Rogue Nation/Black Shrine

Earth-82 is one of the few remaining alternate realities that branched out of existence in the Pre-crisis era. Earth-82 unlike other known realities did not originally house superheroes or metahumans and was a relatively a peaceful place until the events of Infinite Crisis took place. This started a chain of reaction which in turn caused the Allies of World War II to be defeated by the Axis and this brought about great chaos as the Nazi's and Facists conquered most of United States, Britain, Mexico, Greece and Poland.

Preparing for war

In this reality, India never was divided into Pakistan and Bangladesh, instead it all stayed as a country and fought in World War III along with China, Ireland, Spain, Australia, Philippines, South Africa and Soviet Union against the Axis. By the end of World War III, Nazi's were defeated and Italy betrayed the Axis, while this did cause the VANGUARD to win but the economy was crippled due to the third great war. This ultimately lead to the creation of child soldiers and several PMCs.

However, in late 2010, the first superhero arrived on Earth; an extraterrestrial from the planet Venus. 2012 was officially described as the "rise of superheroes" in this world.

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Politics/Countries/Aftermath Edit

  • India, China and Tibet merged to form what would be ultimately referred to as the VANGUARD.
  • Soviet continues to thrive.
  • United States has been declared as a inhabitable zone.
  • United Kingdom has lost the rights to create weapons and arms.
    • Britain is now under Ireland.
  • Middle East: Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia has merged into one single terrorist/rogue nation.
    • Egypt and Turkey continues to fight off the rogue nation.
  • Creation of child soldiers' by Japan, Germany, Iran, Iraq and Hungary.
  • VANGUARD's creation of anti-child soldier task force.
  • Grey Areas: Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Cuba.
  • Assassination of Prime minister of Italy.
  • Bhutan's attempted assault on Nepal.
  • Japan has been isolated from the rest of the world.
  • Arrival of Extraterrestrials (Martians and Venuseane).
  • Sting and Echeveria were group of PMCs declared to be involved in the "EMP incident".

Notable InhabitantsEdit