Chameleon Girl
Real Name Camille Green
Alias Chameleon Girl
Race Metahuman
Birthplace Lake Sequoia, New York
Birthday [[Image:Astrological Sign Expression error: Unexpected < operator..png|link=|17px]] March 13, 1997
Age 13 (2010)

18-19 (2016)


Female Female

Professional Status
Affiliation The Misfits

The Team

Profession Superhero
Relatives Unnamed parents (parents), June Green (eldest sister), Isabelle "Izzy" Green (second eldest sister), Two unnamed sisters (younger sisters)
Mentor Wonder Woman
Powers & Abilities
Powers Camouflage, Heat Resistance, & Prehensile Tongue
Weaknesses Extreme Cold Temperature
Equipment Night-Vision Goggles, Enhanced Speed Roller Blades, and Slime Handguns
Production Details
Series Debut "Entranced"
Voiced By Miranda Cosgrove

Chameleon Girl (real name Camille "Cam" Green, born March 13, 1997) is one of the part-time members of the Team, one of the founding members of the Misfits, and Lagoon Boy's current girlfriend.

Pesonality Edit

— Cam's response to Vera calling her an idiot.

As seen by everyone, including herself, Cam is ditsy, extremely absent-minded, really childish, and naive. She's mostly bubbly, sweet, polite, but when she doesn't get what she wants, she can become really bratty, rude, and unnecessarily violent. She's very fun-loving, and is always up to party. She's also can be easily distracted and really unfocused, having ADHD. She's also really paranoid when it comes to anything supernatural, like magic, ghosts, and aliens (except for martians and kryptonians). She's also well-known for having an overly clingy and obsessive crush on Wally West/Kid Flash, until she turned sixteen (according to Lady Falcon). In result of that unhealthy obsession, she constantly felt that Artemis, and Miss Martian (or any Kid Flash fangirl) were trying to steal him away from her, and acted brash towards any of them. She was also willing to do anything risky or downright insane, just to impress him. However, she didn't just look up to him as a crush, she also looked up to him as a role model and an inspiration, which is the feeling towards him that didn't change in Young Justice: Invasion. She's also really attention-seeking, constantly wanting to be in the center of attention, because being the middle child in the family, she never got enough of it from her parents when she was younger. She also always remained a conspiracy theorist, a social justice warrior, and an out-spoken vegetarian. In Young Justice: Invasion, she became less naive, and more mature, and when she wasn't in any way obsessive with her next crush, La'gaan.

Physical Appearance Edit

When Cam was thirteen, she was slightly taller than V, and only one and a half inches shorter than Wally. She also had peach skin, a few freckles on her cheeks, hazel eyes, and a green (dyed from brown) choppy bob haircut with messy bangs. When she was 18-19, her hair was two inches longer, and she wore it in low pigtails. She was also the same height as V, and three inches shorter than Nightwing.