when i change myself i will let you know
Real Name Unknown
Race Human
Age 17

Female Female

Height 176cm
Weight Unknown
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Posion Ivy
Profession Masked Hero ?
Relatives Posion Ivy (Older Sister / Creator )
Mentor Posion Ivy
Powers & Abilities
Powers Chlorokinesis
Weaknesses Fire


Equipment Scythe (Evil )
Production Details

Aurora is an previous villian created by Posion Ivy , who was cloned by using her blood . Aurora is a female 17-year-old teenager under her own command attempts to save the world by her on-hand . Saving or help the Young Justice team as she goes along however she never shows her appearance due to recent circumstances she hides her face with either a mask or hood due to the fact her facial appearance is similar to Posion Ivy.

Appearance Edit

Aurora is a slim bulit teenager . She has red / green eyes and has long pale green hair . Clothing wise Aurora wears 2 peice set of clothing made and constructed from vines and wears a floor-length cape with an included hood .Later young justice are able to figure out that Aurora is able is shift between her forms which is a skill that Poison Ivy is unable to use . Her human form has long blonde/white hair and green eyes and pale peach skin ,Aurora's normal clothing consists of knee-length sneakers and black shorts and a black jacket