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Real Name Anax-Horakhty
Alias Child of Two Orders
Race Deity
Birthplace Mount Olympus
Birthday Astrological Sign Sagittarius December 21
Age 22 years

Male Male

Height 6'11"
Weight 240 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Typhon
Base of Operations Dallas
Relatives Zeus (Father)
Raet (Mother)
Powers & Abilities
Powers Electricity Generation
Fire Manipulation
Super Speed
Super Strength
Water Manipulation
Wind Manipulation
Equipment Magical Sword



Anax is strange compared to others of his species. A god who dislikes praise. A god who does not desire glory. A god who questions the need for humans. Son of the head of the Greek pantheon, Zeus, and the female aspect of Ra, Raet, who is a major and often considered the head deity in the Egyptian pantheon, their child who would take the name of Anax to bear respect to his father, mother, aunts, uncles and all his other deity relatives. Bearing this dual lineage, the Greek and Egyptian gods both gave praise to the new god who would grow into a powerful figure, with time even stronger than his parents, even fearing the child in some ways. As such, Anax grew accustomed to the priase of the gods, while not genuinely caring for it, but gaining power from it, and as such viewing the humans who praise his father mother as trivial. Anax's disdain would not stop his curiousity though, and this lead him to becoming an anti-hero, to understand the humans and why his family ever wiped them out and find a new source of power. His apathy can often be seen through his disrespect towards most people and lack of regard for damage he may cause while facing foes. Despite this, Anax does respect a select few outside of his family, most of whom sharing power similar to that of the gods. This respects extends to Typhon, a Martian that Anax has become affliated with and views as his friend. Though not great, Typhon notes that Anax is beginning to care for the human race. It is also noted that Anax is rather lazy, and is often found resting.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Electricity Generation:
  • Fire Manipulation:
  • Flight:
  • Super Speed:
  • Super Strength:
  • Water Manipulation:
  • Wind Manipulation:


  • Magical Sword:



  • Anax's name is in reference to a title frequently applied to Zeus meaning "king" or "military leader". Horakhty is a named used to describe Ra when he was merged with Horus, and can mean "of two horizons", which is used as a reference to his relation to the two popular pantheons of Greek and Egyptian mythology. His full name can be interpreted as "King of two horizons".
  • Anax's mother, Raet, is on of the many aspects Ra, a major deity in the ancient Egyptian religion. Raet is the female aspect of Ra.
  • Anax's usage of aerokinesis and hydrokinesis are references to Amun-Ra and Khnum. Composite deities in Egyptian mythology are common, and at one point Ra was merged with Amun, the king of the gods and of winds. Khnum is considered to be an aspect of Ra, being the evening aspect of the solar deity as well as the god of water.

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