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The Alpha-Six is a serum developed by the scientists of the Hidden Potential Programme with S.A.G.E Labs. It was designed to unlock the hidden potential in the genes of certain humans.

History Edit

Creation Edit

In 2006 Bart Evo (A.K.A Dr. Evo), a leading geneticist, discovered a unique mutation in the genes of certain human beings. Despite organizing a special research team and spending countless years of dedication of the creation of a key to unlock this gene he could not do it. Until one day, in 2014, when he realised that he was looking at it the wrong way. That there was no key, that gene was to be broken open. He and his team soon created a serum that could do so, but was yet to be tested. In the following months the alpha-six serum was stolen by an organization known as _______, and weaponised into a bomb form that released it as a gas. It was detonated at the centre of Crimson City. Hundreds dead and with noone to blame, Dr. Evo was sentenced to life in jail for suspected terrorism. Some noticed changes to them or rather an evolution, they had transcended the inferior species known as humans by aquiring powers or rather unlocking their hidden potential that had lay dormant in them since birth. Crimson City was launched into a new age, a war had begun in the city. A desperate struggle between those who fought for justice and those who attempted to extirminate the primitive species.